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3D Models


Stanford Bunny
This model from the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository was created by combining ten range scans of a 7.5 inch tall red clay model. The scanning and assembly was performed by Greg Turk. The model contains 69,451 faces and 35,947 vertices. It is provided in Poly format.


Happy Buddha
This model was created by Brian Curless by assembling 58 range images of a 20 cm tall statuette. The model is contained in the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository. It contains 1,087,716 faces and 543,652 vertices. It is provided in Poly format.


This model was created by Brian Curless by assembling 58 range images of a 20 cm tall statuette. The model is contained in the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository. It contains 871,414 faces and 437,645 vertices. It is provided in Poly format.


This model is from the Stereolithography Archive at Clemson University. The model contains 654,666 faces and 327,323 vertices. It is provided in Poly format.


This model of a horse was assembled from multiple range images by Cyberware, Inc. It contains 96,966 faces and 58,485 vertices. It is provided in Poly format.


Turbine Blade
This model was created using a marching cubes surface extraction of a turbine blade. This was performed over 300 industrial CT scan images, each 512 by 512 pixels. The original images were circulated on the CD-ROM for the VTK Book. The model contains 1,765,388 faces and 882,954 vertices.

3D Model Repositories


Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
Contains a number of classic models that were scanned and reconstructed at the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory. These are provided as .ply files.


GIT Large Geometry Models Archive
This repository, maintained by Greg Turk and Brendan Mullins at the Georgia Institute of Technology, holds a number of the models provided above, along with a couple of large terrain models. These are provided as .ply and .iv files.


Yobi3D is a 3D model search engine. It finds 3D models on the Internet with simple keyword search. The models can be previewed in 3D right in your browser.


This is a marketplace of professional 3d models created in 2016 and located in Paris. The Artists can create and sell their creations on a personalized dashboard and track their sales. You can find 3d models in the vast catalog of animals, anatomy, architecture, characters, electronics and more.


Cyberware Sample Models
Cyberware provide a number of sample datasets acquired from their 3D scanners. They provide most of these in .ply format with a number of different levels of detail.


Avalon Public 3D Archive
The Avalon repository from Viewpoint Corporation provides a large collection of geometric models in a range of formats, including .3ds, .obj, dxf, etc. These are collected into a number of helpful categories to ease your search.


A peer-to-peer online marketplace for 3D designers to buy and sell Revit and 3D models.


3DS Models
3D models and textures gallery.


CGsellers - The Computer Graphics Market
CGsellers.com is a library to buy or sell digital product. Our library contains 3D models, stock photography, 2D illustrations, 3D illustrations, motion capture, textures and materials...


Plastic Boy Anatomy Models
High quality, medically accurate, royalty-free 3D models of various parts of the human body in formats like Autodesk 3ds max, Maya, Softimage|XSI, LightWave 3D and many others.


Over 100,000 Models available free and to buy. They sell high quality, low cost 3D models from various artists. These are available in a range of formats including .max, .3ds, .obj, .lwo, .dxf,and .ma/.mb. Also a huge range of textures available.


Templates.com offers an imposing collection of 3D Models and 3D Art in modifiable .MAX format.


Hum3D Models
Hum3D helps 3D artists from more than 80 countries find 3D models for use in cinema, video games, and visualization. They have a paid service but also offer a collection of free 3D models.


Falling Pixel
Falling Pixel is an European-based 3D model marketplace offering a large number of high quality 3D models in various industry standard formats.


WireCASE.com specialises in the production, marketing and licensing of high quality, technically accurate 3D models in various levels of detail and categories for most popular commercial 3D software.


3D Environments
This site offers thousands of high-quality 3D models for purchase.


Digital Furniture
3D furniture models for architectural and interior visualization with Vray shaders. Free models available to download.


This site offers a number of free and custom 3D models.


PARTserver Community
Large 3D CAD parts library offering over 500 supplier catalogs and a wide range of file formats like Sketchup, Inventor, Solidworks, etc.


Flat Pyramid
Flat Pyramid specializes in the creation, management, worldwide promotion, and distribution of digital content online. Members can buy, sell, and license 3D models, textures, games, and photos in various file formats (.3ds, .max, .obj, .dxf, .lwo, etc.).


Mr. Furniture
A site that sells 3D models and textures of furniture for architects, interior designers, and visualization companies (3DS and DXF). They also have free 3D models in the download section.


Ocnus VRML Models
ORC Inc. provide a large collection of VRML 1.0 models (.wrl files). All these files pass vrmllint, and they are all gzip compressed. Median size of these models is 18 kb, average size is 63 kb.


This site sells a number of high-quality textured 3D models, including human, vehicles, animals, and props.


Turbo Squid
This site sells a number of high-quality 3D models from various artists. These are available in a range of formats including .max, .3ds, .obj, and .ma/.mb.


Cacheforce sell a number of collections of high-quality 3D models in formats such as .3ds and .max. These can be purchased from around $4 per model, or CD collections starting at $149.


Millennium 3D
A gallery of 3D art and 3D textures. M3 offer texture CD collections, as well as free resources such as software, photoshop filters, textures etc. They also provide a numbers of tutorials, fora, links to other resources, and 3D animation spotlight movies to help CG artists.


Flash Fire Designs
Professional 3D services since 1996 including: custom 3d modeling, model conversion, texture map creation, and graphics design. Offers a library of 3D objects for sale, and free sample model, available in most formats.


QSlim Sample Data
Michael Garland provides a number of sample models to support his QSlim package, provided in .smf format. These include the cow model, Crater Lake, and the usual bunny et al. collection.


The QSplat Model Archive
The QSplat archive maintains a number of classic 3D models for non-commercial use in the .qs file format. QSplat is a multiresolution point rendering system


The Digital Michelangelo Project
This project maintains an archive of 3D models of Michelangelo works in .ply and .qs formats, including David, St Matthew, and Atlas. Models are made available to certain researchers and scholars on request from Stanford.


Tutorials Models
Provides free textures, 3DS models, and tutorials. Models and textures are archived using the rar format.


A bureau for high resolution 3D scanning services for film, gaming, and reverse engineering applications.


aXYZ design
aXYZ design provides 3D people models and high quality textures in a variety of formats including max, obj, lwo, fbx, bvh and bip.


Applications 3D
A commercial site offering 3D scanning, modeling, and other CAD-related services


Developers of high-precision 3D models of the male and female anatomy.


A commercial site offering a large collection of 3D models, textures, and utilities


TraceParts Online
A CAD Parts Library offering 100 million free 3D models in a range of file formats including Sketch Up, Inventor, and a slew of CAD formats.


2D and 3D CAD models.

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