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Book Errata - First Printing

2nd Printing | 1st Printing

This page contains updates or errors that we received with regard to the first printing of the book. These have all been addressed in the second printing, release in early 2006. Many thanks to those who pointed out errors, including Graham Rhodes, Juha Paaso, Eduardo Miranda, and Abhinav Dayal

page 87, line 13
remove final sentence (repetition of 3rd last sentence)

page 99
replace "where C1,C1,C1 and are constant" with "where C1, C2 and C3 are constants"

page 134
replace a^2 with d^2 in the bottom-right entry in the matrix form of Kp

page 143, line 2
replace "3n vertices per triangle" with "3n vertices for n triangles"

page 191
In Fig 7.4 (g) and (h), remove the vertical half line segments from the center of the square to the middle of the bottom edge.

page 201
Fig 7.10 should have a delta symbol labeling the arrow-headed vector, as referenced in the text on page 200.

page 204, line 15
"implementation nodes" should be "implementation notes"

page 206, line 30
"than their ROAM implementation" should be "than his ROAM implementation"

page 209
In Fig 7.17 caption, "Stefan Roettger" should be "Stefan Röttger" for consistency with other references in the book

page 210, line 5
"Section 5.3" should be "Section 4.4"

page 211, line 11
"De Floriani" should be "DeFloriani" (no space)

page 213, line 4
"De Floriani" should be "DeFloriani" (no space)

page 221
In Fig 7.26 caption, "(a)" should be italics a, and "(b)" should be italics b, in the same font as in the figure.

page 221
In Table 7.2, the semi-major axis for Clarke 1880 should be 6378249.145 and not 6379249.145

page 223-227
Remove the trailing forward slashes from all URLs without an http prefix

page 264
The reference to Figure 8.18(c) should be Figure 8.18(a)

page 275
Fig 8.24 caption makes reference to splats "drawn in blue" but the image is in greyscale. The color version should be added to the color plate section.

Fig 9.1
The coarse curve should be colored the same way in both the left and right figures - make the data points in the search time graph match the gray of the line segments. The medium and coarse curves need to be darkened.

Figs 9.2 and 9.3
These two figures need to be more consistent. Dotted lines currently mean artifacts in 9.2, and QSlim in 9.3. Change 9.2 so that the dotted lines are solid, leaving the shape of the data points to differentiate animals/artifacts (dotted lines remain in 9.3, so that four curves in one graph can be differentiated). In 9.2, the data points for animals are square and gray, while in 9.3, those data points are round and black. Change 9.3 so that the animal data points are square and gray (the "none" data points in 9.2 can be left square and black, to indicate that they are in fact identical between QSlim and VClust).

page 282
"Research shows as image fidelity declines" should be "Research shows that as image fidelity declines"

Fig 9.4
"The two differences are repetitively reduced" should be "The two stimuli levels are repetitively reduced"

page 286
"[Watson 00a]" should be "[A. Watson 00]"

page 286
"images in their digital form" should be "images in their original digitial form"

page 286
"Section 5.4" should be "Section 5.5.2"

page 290
"[A. Watson 00a]" should be "[A. Watson 00]"

page 290
"using Minkowski sums. In one of these measures, n was selected" should be "using Minkowski sums with different exponents. In one of these measures, the exponent n was selected"

page 291
"[Watson 98a]" should be "[A. Watson 98]"

page 291
"Bolin and Meyer [Bolin 98] in particular, enhanced" should be "In particular, Bolin and Meyer [Bolin 98] enhanced"

page 292
"with perspective-making errors in the foreground particularly important" should be "with perspective enlarging errors in the foreground and making them particularly important"

page 292
"and all lighting is Lambertian." should be "and that all lighting is Lambertian and not dependent on viewer position."

Fig 9.7
In the caption, "The underlying bunny shows the" should be "The underlying schematic bunny represents the"

page 295
"whether time or accuracy" should be "whether measured by time or accuracy"

page 295
"In another series of studies, B. Watson et al" should be "In another series of studies, Watson et al"

page 298
"multichannel Bolin-and-Meyer measure" should be "Bolin and Meyer's multichannel measure"

Fig 10.9
Lower all the curves except the frame time curve by 25 ms. This will cause the frame time and latency curves to merge. Label the combined curves "frame time/latency".

page 310
"in response to the effect on system latency" should be "in response to the LO manipulation's effect on system latency"

Fig 10.12
In the lower parallel animation portion of the figure, the label "parallel animation" should be centered to group the animator and rendering subsystems. Also, an arrowhead should be added to the line from the second animate cycle in the animator subsystem.

page 312
"responsiveness improve, a latency-only speedup" should "responsiveness improve, effecting a latency-only speedup"

Fig 10.16
All vertical lines in the LOD subsystem should have the same weight (likely like the first heavy line).

Fig 10.22
First, move the "cm/sec" dial to the right to separate the two dials. Second, the two paddles should not be merged into one, nor that the direction of motion changed. Each dial should have a paddle over it. The paddle over the "cm" dial should appear still, and slightly to the right of the dial. The paddle over the "cm/sec" dial should be in the same position, but appear to be moving to the right (a reversal of the current wake would suffice).

page 320
"user interface control, such as by switching" should be "user interface control, for example by switching"

Fig 10.23
Eliminate the break between the paddle and its motion trail (as in figure 10.22). Use the same dial as in figure 10.22, but change the numbers +10 0 -10 to make the forecasted position of the paddle in 100 ms (in gray) appear more realistic.

page 321
"in our example, by giving" should be "in our examples, by giving"

page 322
"picking up an object" should be "picking up or putting down an object"

Fig 10.24
Labeling of horizontal axis incorrect. Change the horizontal tick marks to run from 250 to 350, in intervals of 25. The left end of the curve should be at 260 ms, the bend point at 290 ms, and the right end at 350 ms. The correct version of this figure is included below.

Fig 10.24
Alter figure as below:

page 326
"the net effect would increased frame rates" should be "the net effect would be increased frame rates"

page 326
"Meruvia and Watson found that" should be "Meruvia found that"

page 343
In the definition of Retriangulation, "minimizes the maximum angle" should be "maximizes the minimum angle"

page 355
Update the reference for Gerstner with final publication details: "Gerstner, T. Multiresolution Compression and Visualization of Global Topographic Data. GeoInformatica, 7(1):7-32, 2003."

page 379
Add index entry for "level of detail" with subtopics of discrete, continuous, view-dependent, progressive meshes, alpha blending, geomorphs, hysteresis, history, terrain LOD, gaming LOD, etc.

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